hello new world


another blog post! finally.

along with this post comes a general overhaul of the site's content as i move it towards something i appreciate on a personal level. after looking at a lot of really cool personal sites i decided it would be no fun if my own website was just a bland reflection of who i am.

i'm still trying to figure out how to fracture myself across this wonderful internet. at the moment i'm planning to use this as a kind of "devlog", both as motivation for myself to complete things (by documenting what i do) and to share information with the rest of the world. i might at some point soon add a tagging system. my plan is to post media analysis stuff to a tumblr which i am also setting up but i might as well just post it here too, if i can...

will also be documenting my projects here soon, in their very own little tab on the side. need to get a handle on which ones are good enough, as well as start and finish a few, since they are quite scattered at the moment.

i also have some WIP blogposts. i'll probably be putting up my minecraft server setup guide. there's plenty of information on this i'm sure, but it really should be easy to get something up running and sustainable, and you can do it all from the CLI! this guide is as much for myself as for anyone else, but after trying to follow it i've noticed it's a bit lacking..

planning to have some other cool stuff to show off or talk about by the end of this year so stay tuned. :-)