about me

hey! i'm sam, i go by "soulware" in most corners of the web (that i can get the username), and "qsa" in still other parts. here are some things about me

i love computer science. it's really fun to solve problems and understand the tech we use daily inside and out. i've been especially interested in compilers and type theory lately. i'm also a big fan of reverse engineering and decompilation projects

i really like playing, analyzing, and making games. some of them are on itch.io and github. i also love speedrunning but so far i've been more of a spectator. i have one submitted run on speedrun.com and have completed the game DUET as fast as possible on iOS. i've also dabbled in speedrunning both "Seedling" and "The End is Nigh".

i also like listening to music a lot. my last.fm is here. at the moment i'm enjoying digital hardcore, breakcore, general dnb stuff, "ethereal" music, and various rap genres. some of my favorite artists right now are Machine Girl, miya lowe/evaboy, Sudan Archives, pink siifu, Grouper, Death Grips, Bladee (generally drain gang), Lauren Bousfield, and The Garden.

wow! here's an image of albums made in the 2020s that i really like:

here's some websites where i consume media! i use backloggd to journal games i play. that site is mainly ripped from letterboxd which is what i use to track movies and (some) tv shows.

last updated 9 Dec 2022